Ruijie RG-ES208GC Dubai


Ruijie RG-ES208GC Dubai

Ruijie RG-ES208GC Dubai requires zero configuration after plugged in. This NetworkSwitch can be set up quickly after connecting the switch to the cameras and DVR correctly.


Ruijie Reyee RG-ES208GC Network Switch Dubai

The Ruijie RG-ES208GC Dubai features Ruijie Reyee smart surveillance switch offers a variety of port options to meet the needs of video surveillance networks of different scales. In addition, this Ruijie Reyee smart surveillance switch provides simple and easy-to-use management features while offering plug and play with default factory configuration, which can quickly locate the surveillance network faults, initiate port restart, perform VLAN configuration, etc. Ruijie Cloud app and Ruijie Cloud platform remote management is also supported, making the operation and maintenance of the surveillance network easier and more convenient, while reducing operation and maintenance costs.


Plug and Play with zero configuration

Ruijie RG-ES208GC Dubai requires zero configuration after plugged in. This NetworkSwitch can be set up quickly after connecting the switch to the cameras and DVR correctly.

High compatibility for network cable

The Ruijie RG-ES208GC Dubai not only support standard cat5/5e/6 network cables, but also support data transmission via network cables of non-standard materials (such as 0.38/0.40/0.45-diameter copper-clad steel/iron), facilitating the construction and cabling.

High surge protection for device stability 

The RG-ES208GC Switch packs ports that offer surge protection of up to 6KV, reducing the probability of being damaged by the surge and improving the stability of the customer’s network.

Fast fault positioning

The Ruijie RG-ES208GC Dubai support network topology display of the entire network and monitoring the network status in real time. When failure occurs for the network camera, the location and cause of failure can be displayed in a timely manner, and the notification can be sent via the mobile app.

On-demand VLAN configuration

In the network of villas/ stores/ offices, the network cameras and wireless APs may be connected to the same switch. Without network isolation, there may be problems such as camera screen lag and slow wireless speed. The RG-ES208GC provides convenient and flexible VLAN division, which can automatically divide different VLANs according to the type of equipment connected to the port, so that the surveillance network and data network do not interfere with each other, improving the stability of the entire network.

Ruijie Cloud App.

The Ruijie RG-ES208GC Dubai support mobile app and Ruijie Cloud platform for remote management. Users can view the network status, modify the configuration, and troubleshoot at home. In addition, the ports can be restarted remotely.

Remote management

The smart surveillance switches can obtain the IP address automatically from the gateway and connect to the external network without configuration. MANET for switches is also supported. Users can scan the QR code of any switch in the network using the mobile app to automatically add all switches in the network to the project. In addition, the smart surveillance switches support networking with Reyee Series EG / EAP. The switches can be automatically discovered by the Reyee Series EG / EAP and added to the corresponding project.


Switching capacity 10Gbps 16Gbps 32Gbps 48Gbps
Switching Cache 1Mbit 1.5Mbit 4.1Mbit 4.1Mbit
Package forwarding rate 7.4Mpps 11.9Mpps 23.8Mpps 35.7Mpps
Ports 5 10/100/1000 Base-T ports 8 10/100/1000 Base-T ports 16 10/100/1000 Base-T ports 24 10/100/1000 Base-T ports
PoE Standard N/A
PoE Power Budget N/A
Speed / Duplex mode Auto / Half / Full duplex Speed auto / 10/ 100 /1000
MAC address 2K 4K 8K 8K
Maximum Number of VLANs 16
Allowed VLAN ID 1 ~ 4094
Port-based VLAN Support
Flow Control Support
Loop Protection Support
Unknown Unicast Suppression Support
Multicast / Broadcast Storm Suppression Support
Mirroring Many-to-One Mirroring
Port Isolation Support
Cable Testing Support
ICMP Ping Support
DNS DNS Client
Telnet Support
MACC Support
Port Surge Common mode: 4KV
Electrostatic Discharge Air discharge: 6KV
Contact discharge: 4KV
Power Consumption ≤ 3W ≤ 4W ≤ 12W ≤ 14W
Power supply External power adapter
External power adapter
Built-in power supply Built-in power supply