Qnap TS-269 Pro Dubai


Qnap TS-269 Pro Dubai

The Qnap TS-269 Pro Dubai offers various data recovery options. RTRR (Real-Time Remote Replication) supports real time or scheduled data backup to remote Turbo NAS or FTP servers and synchronizes files to remote folders from local folders with better backup efficiency and reduced backup time.


Qnap TS-269 Pro Sharjah, Dubai

Qnap TS-269 Pro Dubai is an all-in-one NAS Server that has been designed to serve the storage needs of modern  SMB IT environments. It is can hold up to two 2.5″/3.5″ SATA 6 Gb/s , SATA 3 Gb/s hard drives. It is a high performance server for centralized storage, backup and file sharing for business. Furthermore, the NAS features iSCSI/IP-SAN storage combo solution for server virtualization and private cloud storage for easy deployment.

Offering an impressive 221.8 MB/s read, 220.8 MB/s write data rate, the Qnap TS-269 Pro Dubai delivers an exceptional performance that enhances the productivity of SMB users. It is integrated with a secure cross-platform file sharing for Windows, Mac and Linux/UNIX users and a number of versatile, value-added business applications. Its well-rounded set of backup solutions integrated in the TS-269 Pro, critical business information can be safely protected against unexpected data loss.

The Qnap TS-269 Pro Dubai is also an ideal shared storage solution for virtualized and clustered environments with VMware Ready and Citrix Ready certification and a proven compatibility with Microsoft Hyper-V environments. You can use the Surveillance Station Pro on the Turbo NAS to manage the connected IP cameras and set up a video surveillance system with comprehensive monitoring, recording and playback features through mobile access.


Comprehensive virtualization support

The Qnap TS-269 Pro Dubai is VMware® Ready™, Citrix® Ready™, compatible with Microsoft® Hyper-V™ certification and Windows Server 2012, and supports advanced functions including SPC-3, MPIO and MC/S, enabling flexible deployment and management for virtualization needs. The TS-269 Pro supports VMware VAAI and Microsoft ODX to increase performance by offloading ESXi server loading, and supports QNAP vSphere Client plug-in and QNAP SMI-S provider to provide enhanced operational efficiency in managing virtualization applications.

Dropbox-like file sync across devices

Is Dropbox not enough to satisfy your storage needs? With Qsync, your Qnap TS-269 Pro Dubai is turned into a safe data center for file synchronization. Every file uploaded to the TS-269 Pro will be made available for all linked devices including computers, laptops and mobile devices. Qsync is especially useful for frequent travelers as it ensures the most up-to-date files are accessible on all linked devices. Qsync provides multiple ways of file synchronization and group file sharing, greatly enhancing the flexibility of team projects and collaboration.

A private cloud without constraints

In contrast to the limited storage space and security concerns of public cloud services, the Qnap TS-269 Pro Dubai is advantageous for establishing a secure and large-capacity private cloud. myQNAPcloud service allows remote access to the TS-269 Pro from anywhere. You can easily get access to the TS-269 Pro, instantly share multimedia contents and check the system status via the Internet whether you are on the bus or in a coffee shop.

Windows AD / LDAP support

The support of Windows AD and LDAP Directory Service saves a great amount of time for account management and authentication. Users can use their Windows AD or LDAP server account and password to log into the Turbo NAS. The TS-269 Pro can also serve as an LDAP server.

Well-rounded backup solutions to secure data

QNAP Netbak Replicator supports real-time and scheduled data backup on Windows including Outlook email archiving. Apple Time Machine is also supported to provide Mac OS X users with an effortless solution to back up data to the TS-269 Pro. A wide range of third-party backup software such as Acronis True Image and Symantec Backup Exec are also supported.

Disaster recovery solutions bring peace of mind

The Qnap TS-269 Pro Dubai offers various data recovery options. RTRR (Real-Time Remote Replication) supports real time or scheduled data backup to remote Turbo NAS or FTP servers and synchronizes files to remote folders from local folders with better backup efficiency and reduced backup time. The TS-269 Pro also supports rsync protocol to back up data to remote servers on a scheduled basis. Data can also be backed up to and restored from a range of cloud storage services, including Amazon® S3, ElephantDrive®, Symform®, Dropbox® and Google® Drive.

High security

In an open network environment, business data may be exposed in a potential hack. The TS-269 Pro provides numerous security options, such as encrypted access, IP blocking, and other protective features. IT administrators can also control the access rights of each user to different folders, preventing unauthorized access to important files. The TS-269 Pro is validated with military-grade FIPS 140-2 AES 256-bit encryption, preventing unauthorized users to access data even if the hard drives or entire system were stolen.

Increase data capacity with flexible storage expansion options

The TS-269 Pro supports large storage capacities; fulfilling business needs to store large amounts of data. It also supports comprehensive RAID management, online RAID capacity expansion, and flexible RAID migration to safely store important data therefore reducing the risks of data loss. With reliable data protection, the TS-269 Pro is perfect for cross-platform data sharing.

A surveillance solution with 24/7 security

The Surveillance Station turns the TS-269 Pro into a professional surveillance solution with the user-friendly management interface, a wide range of compatible IP camera models, and expandable IP camera channel licenses. It also supports real-time monitoring, recording & playback with a wide range of customizable settings, and with the VMobile app on your iOS® or Android™ devices you can manage the monitoring of cameras anytime, anywhere, for total surveillance of your monitored environment.

Access, sync and share on your mobile devices

The TS-269 Pro is your private cloud storage that virtually enlarges the capacity of your smart mobile devices. Qfile allows you to access, upload, download, manage, and share stored files easily as if you are carrying tons of files in your pocket. The Qfile app for iOS also allows users to browse videos and photos stored on the TS-269 Pro and play on the TV via AirPlay. Qmanager lets you monitor and manage the TS-269 Pro remotely and efficiently without turning on a PC.

Easy system setup

The Qnap TS-269 Pro Dubai provides system installation without using a CD. Simply visit the setup portal start.qnap.com and follow the setup guide to complete the system setup and download the utilities you want. For beginners, the TS-269 Pro features an “Auto Setup” option to provide an easy way to set up the TS-269 Pro with recommended settings. All settings can be flexibly changed at a later time after the installation.

Flexible & diverse, yet simple

Supporting SATA 6Gb/s and 3Gb/s hard drives and various 3.5”/2.5” hard drives and SSDs, the TS-269 Pro provides users with high flexibility in selecting hard drives. The various inbuilt I/O ports help accommodate different peripherals, including external storage devices and printers. Meanwhile, the TS-269 Pro allows file sharing and storage on different operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, Linux and UNIX. The simplified system setup process and the friendly-designed graphical user interface enable anyone to easily build up a business private cloud even without IT expertise. The TS-269 Pro has flexible and diverse features, but is simple to use.

Qnap TS-269 Pro – Technical Specifications

CPU Intel® Atom 2.13GHz Dual-core Processor
DRAM 1GB RAM (Expandable RAM, up to 3GB)
1. The system memory can be increased to 3GB by installing an additional 1GB/2GB SO-DIMM RAM module.
Flash Memory 512MB DOM
Hard Disk Drive 2 x 3.5″ or 2.5″ SATA 6Gb/s, SATA 3Gb/s hard drive or SSD
1. The system is shipped without HDD.
Hard Disk Tray 2 x Hot-swappable and lockable tray
Porta LAN 2 x Gigabit RJ-45 Ethernet port
LED Indicators Status, LAN, USB, eSATA, Power, HDD 1, HDD 2
USB 2 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 port (Back: 2)
3 x USB 2.0 port (Front: 1; Back: 2)
Support USB printer, pen drive, USB hub, and USB UPS etc.
eSATA 1 x eSATA port (Back)
Buttons System: Power button, USB One-Touch-Backup Button, Reset button
Alarm Buzzer System warning
Form Factor Tower
Dimensions 150 (H) x 102 (W) x 216 (D) mm
5.91 (H) x 4.02 (W) x 8.5 (D) inch
Weight Net weight: 1.74 kg (3.84 lbs)
Gross weight: 2.92 kg (6.44 lbs)
Sound Level (dB) HDD sleep: 18.5 dB
In operation: 20.4 dB
(with 2 x 500GB HDDs installed)
Power Consumption (W) Sleep mode: 16W
In Operation:25W
Power-off (in WOL mode): 1W
(with 2 x 1TB HDD installed)
Temperature 0-40˚C
Humidity 5~95% RH non-condensing, wet bulb: 27˚C.
Power Supply Input: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, Output: 90W
Secure Design K-lock security slot for theft prevention
HDMI v1.3
IR Receiver Compatible with either QNAP RM-IR001 or MCE remote controls
Fan 1 x quiet cooling fan (7 cm, 12V DC)