Polycom Studio X50 Dubai UAE


Poly Studio X50

Poly Studio X50 is an easy to use video conferencing system with many advanced features. It Features 4K Video, Dubai Screen, Touch Interface, White Boarding, and wireless content sharing.  The Powerful audio along with quality video ensures everybody in the meeting heard properly without distractions.


Polycom Studio X50 Dubai

The Polycom Studio X50 Brings outstanding simplicity and convenience to your meeting room. Poly X50 is ideal for up to 10 participants and it possesses the capacity for 4k Video Conferencing. When you opt X50 Video Conference you have got a simple setup process and your video Meeting can up and running in minutes. Operation and managing the meeting is so easy for you and your guests.

Apart from 4k Video Polycom X50 offers legendary sound with stereo speakers which heard very clearly for every participant of the meeting. The Polycom noise-blocking technology ensures distraction-free meetings Powerful audio pickup. Poly X50 supports Dual screens and screen sharing. Develop ideas together with collaboration tools that feel as natural as being there. Effortless screen sharing helps your local and remote workers strategize, brainstorm, and plan faster. You can turn any whiteboard or LCD screen into an interactive whiteboard space that natively integrates with your video systems—so everyone can contribute in real-time, from any device.

You can use the Use Polycom Content App with the X50 Conference System to wirelessly connect and screen share from your Mac or PC. From the moment you start the screen share app, you will be guided through a simple connection wizard that shows nearby and/or recently connected devices or video conferencing systems. When connecting directly to a room-based system such as Real Presence Group Series, users need only enter the system IP address. Once connected, you can screen share and present documents, images, videos, and participate in interactive whiteboarding with colleagues in the conference room or connected to your video conferencing call. All together the Poly X50 Content sharing supports the following.

  • Poly content app
  • Apple Airplay
  • Miracast
  • HDMI input
  • Whiteboarding

Polycom Studio X50 DubaiThe Polycom X50 offers codec support like • H.264 AVC, H.264 High Profile, and H.265.  It Supports native 3rd party applications, including Zoom Rooms for Android. It also supports any other cloud service provider through Poly Video App Mode. On-board support for cloud service platforms means no room PC or Mac is required. Poly X50 makes every Zoom meeting a breeze with Poly Studio X family video bars. Enjoy a full Zoom Rooms experience, with all the Zoom features you’ve come to know and love. Ditch the PC or Mac.

If you need to connect to different cloud video services throughout your day, Poly Studio X50 is your ideal solution. You can  Call into nearly any video service using standards-based SIP and H.323 interoperability. The Poly Studio X50 already has the required software pre-installed. Easy start video calls using Zoom, Microsoft Teams and any other cloud video services that are based on SIP and H.323. So you can quickly get to work and a connected computer is no longer necessary. Thanks to the 8-inch touch panel, the TC8, you have maximal control over the screen and the camera during your meetings.

Polycom X50 Support TC8 touch screen interface. The touch interface provides easy access to Poly Studio X50. The sleek design features an 8” high-resolution touch display to ensure that the control options are clear and accessible. A single cable carries both power and data to reduce clutter. After using the Poly TC8, you’ll never stress about getting your meeting going again. Having confidence that you can easily initiate, join, or share content lets you focus on better collaboration.

Polycom Studio x50 Specification

  • All-in-one solution: no separate computer needed
  • Installation in two minutes
  • Including TC8 operating touch screen
  • Dual monitor support ensures you have the ideal setup for many types of rooms
  • Be heard clearly with our next generation microphone array
  • Ability to connect two displays
  • Suitable for conference rooms up to 10 seats
  • Very user-friendly design
  • Easy to install
  • Automatic suppression of unwanted background noise
  • Simple screen content sharing with all participants

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