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Panasonic NS700 IP PBX

Panasonic Offers a highly effective communication solution with the NS700 PBX System. The initial configuration starts with 6 extensions and can be expanded to 288 extensions in the future with additional expansion modules. The ability to connect to the NS1000 PBX System makes it a part of an enterprise solution. The NS700 is an IP PBX System while retaining the ability to operate as a hybrid solution witch support IP Phones. analog Phones and Digital Phones.


Reasons to use Panasonic NS700 PBX System

Panasonic NS700 PBX System is the methodology that can be used to pass the information in an effective way. Offering clear, precise, and authentic communication is the fundamental objective. You can be able to win the maximum attention of the clients during communication through the innovative devices of the PBX Telephone system. The poor and misunderstand communication can produce conflict, but you can cut this issue by using IP devices.

High Quality

Panasonic is the name of excellence in the technology industry. They are dealing with the best parts, prices, and client benefits in the industry. They deliver expert services and sales in an extremely innovative way. These items are formed with high-quality tools that offer crystal clear sound. These portable speakers are sure to provide sound with louder volume. They enter the market to provide outstanding quality at highly affordable prices.

Exclusive Services

These Panasonic PABX systems are designed by ensuring you to provide you exclusive services with class and style. The brand knows how to fulfill the customers with top-notch items. They set ideologies of assessments and collect the best quality items as indicated by the interest of the customers. These are lightweight and portable with a sleek look. Versatility is the smart feature of these devices.

Panasonic Pbx Pabx System DubaiPanasonic KX-NS700

The Panasonic KX-NS700 is a telecommunication solution designed for small or medium-sized businesses that are looking to key into the company’s pedigree for constantly doling out high-quality products without going over their budget limits.

So What is the KX-NS700?

This model is just one out of a series of on-premises telephone servers designed by Panasonic. This device is also fitted with an integrated UC software suite. The Panasonic NS700 PBX System offers flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and ease of scalability. The Features put NS700 IP PBX ,a good office telephone system and an excellent choice for the small and medium enterprises market.

What Does it Look Like?

The device has the typical appearance of a rack-mountable server unit, a block chassis that is 19 inches in size. LED indicators adorn the front panel – one as a status indicator and the other indicating the current PBX mode. Each of the main servers can be stacked with as many as three expansion units with a total of 22 ports, whilst also incorporating a USB hub.

Features of the Panasonic NS700

  • Integrated to fulfill the needs of the business
  • Delivering fine quality of audio, clear sound and modified configuration.
  • Sleek and simple but attractive designs
  • Single desktop wiring, integrated Ethernet switching, headset support, clear conversations, high audio quality, Multiple soft keys, and integrated speakerphone.
  • Highly Customized sets for the users
  • Cost-effective digital devices of IP Telephones
  • Satisfies the basic communication requirements
  • Integrated to meet the needs of the end-user and fulfills the requirements of the call centers
  • An entire stand-alone system

Panasonic NS-700 is a very cost-effective IP. This is the ideal alternative to cloud-based solutions. It is easy to maintain and install. It is a small system but designed in such a way that it can manage the big future growth.

  • It is a Smart Hybrid PBX system designed for small and medium businesses.
  • It has a cost-effective operation and installation.
  • NS-700 is DECT Portability compatible.
  • Its built-in applications include the voicemail, call center solution, and the mobile solution.

Even though its servers at a minimum of 6 extensions, it can easily be scaled up to as much 288 when all three expansion units are put to use. It offers support for SIP trunking which makes it possible for the server to link up with phones in remote areas via a strong IP connection. There is absolutely no need to deploy another PBX, hence, no additional charges.

Exclusive Sound Quality

For offering crystal clear sound quality and its delivery, these devices are wonderful in many ways. There is no background noise. These are compact and compatible devices. These items are the source to produce an easy installation, maintenance, repair, and operating system in an innovative way. Users will enjoy the versatility because these phones contain unique infrastructure.

It is user’s friendly device that delivers style with class. Panasonic is a brand that encourages clients at the office, home, or any place and gives them an open opportunity for enjoying the feasible sound facility on time. This collection sets give the chance to appreciate the crystal clear sound. These are portable and durable due to modern tools.

Providing the maximum benefit of wonderful working experience to the majority of the clients at a vast level is the main objective behind designing the device. You can avail of the wide variety of the top class keyboards according to your demand and desire.

All these items are in great demand due to modern technology and unique configuration. These are the products that can be an excellent choice for your home due to the best execution. Containing the high features is the top reason to enhance the functionalities of the devices in many ways.

Who Should Use the KX-NS700?

Panasonic NS700 telephone system offers cost-effective IP telecommunication for businesses in the SME category. The combination of an IP PBX System, which supports IP Phones, analog Phones, and digital phones, makes it a perfect suit for small businesses that are looking to eventually up the stakes.

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