Meraki MS390-48UX2 Dubai


Meraki MS390-48UX2 Dubai

The MS390-48UX2 is integrated under the Meraki dashboard to provide a simply powerful solution to the most demanding wired access applications.


Meraki MS390-48UX2 Network Switch Dubai

The Meraki MS390-48UX2 Dubai delivers resiliency with fast stack convergence and StackPower. The MS390-48UX2 provides Adaptive Policy using an over-the-wire tag which segments traffic into security groups to deliver scalable security. The MS390-48UX2 is integrated under the Meraki dashboard to provide a simply powerful solution to the most demanding wired access applications.

The Meraki MS390-48UX2 Dubai addresses the most demanding enterprise applications by combining the simplicity of the Meraki dashboard with powerful switching hardware. To satisfy high-bandwidth applications and the deployment of high-speed 802.11ax/wifi-6 access points, the MS390-48UX2 provides multigigabit ports, 480G stacking, and modular 10/40G uplinks.

Cisco Meraki offers a broad range of switches, built from the ground up to be easy to manage without compromising any of the power and flexibility traditionally found in traditional enterprise-class switches. Meraki access & aggregation switches are all managed through an elegant, intuitive cloud interface, freeing administrators to spend less time on configuration and more time on meeting business needs. To set up a Meraki MS390-48UX2 Dubai, just plug it in; there’s no need for repetitive, command-based configuration, and switches can be up and running within minutes of connecting them to the network. A powerful centralized management interface gives administrators deep visibility into the network and how it is used. See which switches are near capacity across hundreds of sites. Quickly provision and reconfigure switch ports with security, QoS, and more. The Meraki dashboard provides unified policies, event logs, and monitoring, making

Features :

  • Range of enterprise switching options built on proven Cisco hardware technologies
  • Basic L2 to high-performance L3 switches with 10GbE uplinks, suitable for deployments of all sizes
  • True zero-touch configuration model that scales with organization needs and requirements
  • Integrated troubleshooting tools, logging and alerting reduce operational costs
  • Energy efficient design with low acoustics and fanless options
  • Flexible stacking for scaled configuration and high performance in one
  • Cloud management reduces cost, overhead and time to resolution
  • Industry-standard features allow for simple integration into existing and mixed infrastructures
  • Role-based administration and automatic, secure firmware updates delivered via the web

Technical Specs

  • 48 x 5G ethernet PoE/PoE+/uPoE interfaces
  • Multi-gigabit (mGig) ports support 100M/1/2.5/5 of bandwidth over copper cabling
  • 645 watt PoE budget with PoE+ and uPoE support (1745W available with optional secondary power supply)
  • 640 Gbps of switching capacity
  • Layer-3
  • 40G or 10G modular uplink options on all models
  • Dual Dedicated 120G Hardware Stacking Ports
  • StackPower Management and Ethernet Switching Capabilities
  • Physically stack up to 8 switches with 480 Gbps of stacking bandwidth
  • Secure Connect * (Available in a future software release)
  • Adaptive Policy * (Available in a future software release, Advanced License required)