Jabra Speak510 Dubai


Jabra Speak510 Dubai

The Jabra Speak510 Dubai UC Speakerphone’s Bluetooth versatility when it comes to compatibility with leading Unified Communications platforms such as Microsoft, Cisco, Skype for Business and other leading softphone platforms, making it possible for users to manage system-based commands.



Jabra Speak510 UC Speakerphone Dubai

Turn any room into a conference room using the portable Jabra Speak510 Dubai UC speakerphone. The compact and lightweight device integrates a USB cable management to enhance a quick set up for the user. It features an inbuilt omnidirectional microphone with 360-degree coverage enables the user to enjoy a hands-free collaboration, ensuring that all conference participants can hear and be heard clearly from all angles of the room. Its plug-and-play function enables the user to connect the Jabra Speak510 Dubai UC with a PC to allow for easy content sharing while charging their speakerphone.

The Jabra Speak510 Dubai UC is configured to allow full compatibility with professional office platforms such as Skype, including call control with leading UC/Softphone solutions as well as Bluetooth-enabled cellphone, smartphones, or tablets. The speakerphone employs noise cancelation and echo reduction technology to offer full-duplex audio courtesy of the robust omnidirectional microphone and 10-watt speaker. It comes with a Jabra Link 370 MS USB Bluetooth Adapter that connects to your laptop or desktop computer to give a wireless range of up to 100 feet. The same cable is used to charge the device, whose battery offers 15 hours of talk time. When connected to a smartphone or tablet, the speakerphone gives users a wireless diameter of 32 feet. If you are looking for a speakerphone that will serve comfortably in the office but is still portable enough for fieldwork sales pitches, then the Jabra Speak510 UC is the perfect solution.


  • Digital Signal Processing Technology
    • The Jabra Speak510 Dubai UC Speakerphone is equipped with a Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology which synthesizes audio to filter out echo and distortion, retaining quality and clarity even when the volume is at maximum. Inbuilt in the Speak is a full duplex sound system and omnidirectional microphone that boasts an impressive 360° sound pick-up, a guarantee that participants are all covered regardless of their positioning from the unit. The HiFi speaker offers outstanding voice, multimedia capabilities, and music.
  • Full Duplex Audio
    • With the Jabra Speak510 Dubai UC speakerphone’s full duplex audio, conversation from both ends of the divide are transmitted simultaneously, which makes the flow of communication easier and natural as in real life. This makes it possible to share critical details without worrying that the other party may miss some details. On top of this, the device is easy to set up as it plugs into external devices via USB or Bluetooth, making collaboration easy.
  • Collaboration with UC platforms
    • The Jabra Speak510 Dubai UC Speakerphone’s Bluetooth versatility when it comes to compatibility with leading Unified Communications platforms such as Microsoft, Cisco, Skype for Business and other leading softphone platforms, making it possible for users to manage system-based commands. Furthermore, it can connect to desktops, laptops and Mac via USB while Bluetooth™ is active, which allows for seamless connectivity and switch of platforms. It is unrivalled, offering seamless collaboration, easy connections and memorable experiences to help your office keep in touch with colleagues stationed in different parts of the world.
  • Long – Lasting Battery Durability
    • The Jabra Speak510 Dubai UC Speakerphone has a rechargeable battery life span of up to 15 hours. This means that the user can enjoy up to 15 hours talk – time on a single full charge, eliminating inconveniences that come with low battery, thus enjoying uninterrupted meeting experiences.
  • Pocket Friendly
    • The Jabra Speak510 Dubai UC Speakerphone delivers cutting-edge immersive experience devoid of customizations and design work at a very affordable cost. The setup further gives you the freedom to select only what you need for a perfect fit based on the already existing fittings. It is possible to only purchase the media wall and infuse into the office fixtures plus other components already in your existence.
  • Enhanced Portability
    • The Jabra Speak510 Dubai UC Speakerphone is designed to be lightweight, making it easy for you to carry around. It weighs 195g, making its storage easier due to its compactness, giving you an amazing experience and ease of use.

Jabra Speak510 -Technical Specs

Bluetooth Compliance Bluetooth version 3.0
Supported Bluetooth profiles A2DP(v1.2), handsfree profile(v1.6), headset profile(v1.2) AGHFP(v1.6)
Compatibility Bluetooth devices with Bluetooth 3.0(or lower)

Works with: Microsoft, Cisco, Skype and other leading softphone platforms.

Supported modes SCO, eSCO, sniff mode
Operating Range Up to 100meters (up to 300 feet) with other class 1 devices, e.g. Jabra Link360
Paired devices Up to 8 trusted devices
Computer Connection USB 2.0
USB Cord Length 900mm (35.4 in)
Talk time Up to 15 hours
Standby time Over 200 days, automatic power off
Charging time Approximately 2,5 hours via USB
Weight 195g (6.9Oz)
Dimensions, main unit ∅ 120mm, H 33mm (∅ 4.72 in, H 1.30 in)
Microphone Type: 6mm omnidirectional electret microphone

Frequency response: Wideband response 150Hz to 6.5KHz

Distortion: <3% at 120 dB SPL

Speaker Type: 50mm electrodynamic speaker with neodymium magnet

Frequency response: Wideband – response from 250Hz to 10KHz

Sensitivity: output – sensitivity in max volume: 0dB Pa/Vd

Maximum output: Max SPL 250Hz  – 6500Hz : 87dB SPL @ 0.5m distance

Jack Port Microphone load impedance: 3.3,

Receiver generation impedance: 300

Headset Port 3.5mm (0.12 in) stereo Jack for headset
Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Noise reduction on transit, built -in echo cancellor, Jabra loudness boost on receive
Operating Temperature 5°C to 40°C (41°F to 114°F)
Storage Temperature -20°C to 45°C (-4°F to 113°F)
Jabra Speak™ 510 Materials Polycarbonate /acryl butadien styres (PC/ABS), Polycarbonate (PC), thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
Pairing passkey or Pin 0000
OS compatibility Windows XP/SP3, Windows 7 64bit, Win 7 32bit

Mac OS 10.6 or later. Works as audio device only (no call control)

Features Bluetooth connection to: mobile devices, headset and PC via Jabra Link360 Bluetooth USB adapter.

Call control via USB and Bluetooth: answer/end call, call waiting, reject call, mute/unmute, volume up/down. On/off button.

Battery indicator

Multimedia streaming

High Definition voice

Voice Guidance

Certification RoHS, Reach, UL, CE, FCC, IC, SRRC (China), GOST (Russia), ACMA (Australia), Radcomms EMC (New Zealand), TELEC (Japan), KCC (South Korea), SIRIM (Malaysia), NTC (Philippines), NCC (Taiwan), IDA (Singapore, DGPosTel (Indonesia), ETA (India).



The Jabra Speak510 UC Speakerphone comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Package Contents

  • 1 Jabra Speak510 UC Speakerphone
  • 1 Travel case
  • 1 QuickStart Guide
  • 1 Warning leaflet
  • 1 Warranty leaflet
  • 1 register paper

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