GoIP800 8 Port GSM Gateway UAE


GoIP800 8 Port GSM Gateway Dubai UAE

GoIP 800 GSM VoIP Gateway is an 8-port GSM Gateway that provides the extension and supports up to 8 GSM channels. Each GSM channel can be programmed individually to establish the connectivity with IP-PBX or can be bundled as a single trunk in connection with IP-PBX. GoIP 800 GSM VoIP Gateway is ideal for VoIP to wireless services where a fixed telephone line (PSTN) is not available or for cellphone roaming via the VoIP network. The GoIP 800 GSM VoIP Gateway brings mobility, scalability, and significant savings on long-distance charges.


GoIP800 8 Port GSM VoIP Gateway Dubai

GoIP 8 Port GSM VoIP Gateway provides high-performance VoIP to GSM gateway solutions including IP-routing services for small enterprise, public offices, and small & medium call termination service providers.  GoIP 8 Port GSM VoIP Gateway provides high-performance IP to GSM gateway solutions including IP-routing services for small enterprise, public offices, and small scale call termination service providers. This product uses the state-of-art technology voice compressed algorithm and unique QoS algorithms to maintain the maximum voice quality under a fast internet line and slow internet line as well. This product is designed based on high performance, supports upgraded speed, the best quality product, offers various user-friendly functions, manufactured at low cost and this product gives high performance for its price.

GoIP 8 Port GSM gateway is a GSM over IP, This is a new type of VoIP gateway that allows call terminations from a VoIP network to a GSM network and vice versa. Call connections between IP networks and GSM networks are now bridged seamlessly to extend the voice communication coverage significantly. As the traditional PSTN lines are starting to disappear in developed countries and are not going to be built extensively in under-developed countries, GSM phones are getting more and more popular all over the world with lower and lower service charges, the emergence of GoIP 8 Port GSM gateway bridges the gap between the traditional telephone networks and VoIP networks as shown in the diagram below. As a result, local and worldwide voice communications are more convenient, lower cost, and broader coverage.

GoIP800 8 Port GSM VoIP Gateway Features

  • Provide 8 cellular channels for IP-PBX
  • Support open standard SIP Protocols (IETF SIP V2)
  • Support SIP proxy mode
  • Multiple GoIP8 grouping mode
  • Two 10/100 Ethernet ports for the LAN and an additional device
  • Guad band GSM module: support GSM 850MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900MHz
  • Speech quality ensured by QoS at LAN, IP layers, and comprehensive jitter buffer
  • VLAN and QoS support
  • NAT Transversal
  • Voice prompts, HTTP Web
  • Highly stable embedded Linux operating system in high-performance ARM 9 Processor

GoIP800 8 Port GSM VoIP Gateway Specifications

  • Protocols
    •     TCP/IP V4 (IP V6 automatic adaptive)
    •     Dual VoIP protocols: ITU-T H.323 V4, IETF SIP V2.0
    •     Multiple Codecs: ITU-T G.711 Alaw/ULaw, G.729A, G.729AB, G.723.1 and GSM
    •     H.2250 V4
    •     H.245 V7
    •     H.235 (MD5, HMAC-SHA1)
    •     RFC1889 real-time digital transmission protocol
    •     NAT
    •     STUN
    •     Network Management Protocol (NMP)
    •     PPPoE Dial Up
    •     PPP Authentication Protocol (PAP)
    •     Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)
    •     TFTP
    •     Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
    •     Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
    •     Domain Name System (DNS)
    •     User Account Authentication (via MD5)
    •     Proprietary Relay Protocol (Avoiding VoIP Blockings)
  • Hardware Features
    •     ARM processor
    •     DSP for voice signal processing
    •     Two 10/100MB Ethernet ports (IEEE 802.3 standard) with status LEDs
    •     Quadband GSM module (850M 900M, 1800M and 1900M)
    •     External Antenna (Internal Antenna option for selected models)
  •  Software Features
    •     LINUX OS
    •     Built-in Web Server for device configuration
    •     Built-in SIP Proxy (Simplified)
    •     PPPoE Dial-Up
    •     Router function
    •     DHCP client & Server
    •     QoS (VLAN)
    •     VPN (PPTP)
    •     Online firmware upgrade
    •     Remote Control Mechanism for remote technical support
    •     Proprietary Auto Provisioning Mechanism
    •     Remote SIM function
    •     Short Messages (SMS) support (standalone and server-based)
    •     Call Management and Routing