Fanvil X5U Dubai


Fanvil X5U Dubai

The Fanvil X5U can work as a SIP hotspot which expands the SIP account to other IP Phones so as to allow for group ringing in LAN. This allows for the simultaneous ringing of all devices.



Fanvil X5U High-end IP Phone Dubai

The Fanvil X5U in Dubai supports 16 SIP lines and is equipped with 4 line keys on the main display. It boasts powerful Harman speakers and supports Opus codec which delivers crystal clear sounds even in busy and noisy environments. The Fanvil X5U can work as a SIP hotspot which expands the SIP account to other IP Phones so as to allow for group ringing in LAN. This allows for the simultaneous ringing of all devices, and when a call is answered in one endpoint, all devices stop ringing. Featuring two color displays and newly added line keys with LED light, Fanvil X5U provides direct access to instructions, aiming to offer greater flexibility, productivity, to meet the different demands and requirements of businesses.

The 16-line IP phone offers a 3.5 inch (480×320) large color LCD screen plus a second 2.4 inch (64×192) dot-matrix screen for DSS Key-mapping. What’s more, the X5U is built with Gigabit Ethernet technology for rapid call handling. All thanks to its USB port, the X5U boasts unparalleled functionality & expansibility. It also supports EHS wireless headset, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & USB recording features via an optional BT or Wi-Fi USB dongle or a USB Flash Drive.

Key Features:

  • HD Audio With Harman Speaker :
    • Courtesy of the excellent Harman speaker and wideband codec G.722 and Opus, the red Fanvil X5U enables you to pick up clear audio even in a noisy environment.
  • 2 Color Displays with 30 DSS Keys :
    • Using its 3.5-inch color display, 2.4-inch color side display and 30 programmable keys with LED light, elegant red Fanvil X5U delivers intuitive access to different functions in an emergency.
  • Greater Interoperability and Collaboration :
    • The Fanvil X5U is equipped with standard features such as seamless Bluetooth, EHS, and Wi-Fi connectivity. It comes with an included Wi-Fi dongle which enables the user to connect to available Wi-Fi networks and make fast calls over the internet. An EHS cable connects the Fanvil X5U phone to an EHS headset, so as to deliver maximum mobility, therefore allowing the user to multitask and also respond to emergencies more quickly.
  • Call Recording :
    • Fanvil X5U enables you to record the dialogue for the double-check in the future, which can be saved in three ways including local, Network and SIP info recording.
  • SIP Hotspot :
    • The Fanvil X5U has a built-in SIP hotspot which enables it to expand its SIP accounts to other IP phones so as to achieve group ringing in LAN, such that when one client receives a call, all the clients will ring, and when one of them is answered, all of them will stop ringing.
  • 16 – Line Operation :
    • A user can easily make or receive calls using 16 different SIP lines. This feature is not only highly efficient in offices but is also useful in boosting the productivity of workers.
  • Supports 3-way conferences :
    • The Fanvil X5U IP Phone is designed to allow for 3-way group calls to enable you to have a teleconference with two other parties, delivering more powerful and flexible session management.
  • Effortless Configuration :
    • The Fanvil X5U IP Phone comes with an easy web-based configuration via phone and computer, resulting in added convenience and increased productivity.
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet) Integrated :
    • Fanvil X5U IP Phone is equipped with two 10/100Mbps Gigabit Ethernet ports to allow for an easy connection to Power over Ethernet. It is designed without any heavy cabling thus reducing the number of wires on your working space and allowing for an easy installation of the IP Phone.
  • The Hands-free Mode :
    • The Fanvil X5U IP Phone is built to support the use of headsets, thus allowing the user to enjoy maximum mobility within the office. The headset can be easily connected to the IP Phone using an integrated RJ9 Port.
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility :
    • Based on SIP, the Fanvil X5U IP Phone is configured to allow for full compatibility with major leading professional office platforms including Asterisk, 3CX, Elastix, BroadSoft, Zycoo, and many other world’s top platforms.
  • Multiple Installation Options :
    • Fanvil X5U IP Phone offers its user a quick and easy installation that requires no technical expertise. It can be installed in two adjustable angles of 45 – degrees and 50 – degrees, resulting in a neat workstation.

Fanvil X5U IP Phone Quick Specs:

  • Communications Protocol: SIP
  • SIP Lines: 16
  • Ethernet Ports: 2x Gigabit
  • PoE: yes
  • Additional Interfaces:
    • RJ9 for Handset
    • RJ9 for Headset (support EHS headset)
    • USB-A 2.0 for USB Dongle/Flash Drive
  • Bluetooth: 2.1
  • Primary Display: 3.5″ 480×320 color LCD
  • Secondary Display: 2.4″ 240×320 color LCD
  • Local Conferencing: 3-way

Fanvil X5U Business VoIP Phone Package Contents:

  • Fanvil X5U IP Phone
  • Handset
  • Handset Cord
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Stand
  • Quick Installation Guide