Fanvil CM60 Dubai


Fanvil CM60 Dubai

The Fanvil CM60 Portable HD USB Camera is an HD USB video camera with 2 Mega Pixels and 1080P resolution for Fanvil high-end VoIP phones.



Fanvil CM60 Portable HD USB Camera Dubai

Fanvil CM60 Portable HD USB Camera is specially designed for matching with Fanvil high-end IP phones. Fanvil keeps bringing more valuable products to our customers. Considering the updated models within the coming future, Fanvil CM60 Portable HD USB Camera was given more powerful features like 1080P resolution, strong flexibility on installation, possessing a canopy that protecting privacy and etc.

The Fanvil CM60 Portable HD USB Camera goes well with the Fanvil X7A Phone. Fanvil CM60 Portable HD USB Camera can be easily installed and placement is flexible as it can be moved around to find the best possible angle. Fanvil CM60 Portable HD USB Camera Dubai features a privacy shutter switch for peace of mind. Overall the CM60 USB Camera offers a secure and high-quality video solution.


Portable HD USB Camera with 1080P Resolution: Supporting video codec H.264, and featuring with a FOV 102° wide camera view, Fanvil CM60 Portable HD USB Camera Dubai can bring our customers a superb HD video call experience. Even in a dark environment, Fanvil CM60 Portable HD USB Camera still can have a improved performance.

A Cover on the Camera Lens Provides A Better Privacy:  Fanvil CM60 is featured with a cover on the camera lens, which could be rotated so that to cover the camera and protect users’ privacy.

Strong Flexibility on Installation: Fanvil CM60 could be installed on different places. Not only clipped on the screen of IP phone, it also can be put on your desk, computer’s screen and etc.

Matching to Fanvil High-end IP phones: Fanvil CM60 is specifically designed for Fanvil high-end IP phones such as Fanvil X7A Android IP phone. Fanvil X7A with Fanvil CM60 works seamlessly and brings a great HD audio & video call experience to our customers.

Fanvil CM60 Portable HD USB Camera Specifications:

  • Video Features
    • 2 Mega Pixels
    • Video Codec: H.264
    • Video Call Resolution: 1080P@30fps
    • Automatic/Manual White Balance
    • Automatic Exposure Compensation
    • Adjustable with Privacy Shutter
    • View
      • Diagonal: 102°
      • Horizontal: 94°
      • Vertical: 62°
    • Vertical Adjustment Angle: ± 20 °
  • Interfaces
    • USB Port x1: Micro USB 2.0
  • Other Physical Features
    • Color: Dark grey
    • Status Indicator Light x1 (with Two-color LED)
    • Power: 5V @ <500mA via USB Port
    • Working Temperature: -10~50
    • Working Humidity: 10~90%
  • Package
    • USB Cable x1
    • Installation:
      • Desktop
      • Mounted on IP Phone or LCD monitor
    • Device Dimensions: 51×90.14×141.31 mm
    • Gift Box Dimensions: 155x115x55 mm
    • Outer CTN Dimensions: 297x250x330 mm (20 PCS)