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ClearOne COLLABORATE Live 900

Clearone COLLABORATE Live 900 offers a powerful combination of video components integrated with the most advanced audio DSP technology for the richest possible collaboration experience. It Features Wireless presentation, interactive whiteboard, Skype for Business client and SIP/H.323 video conferencing.



Clearone Collaborate Live 900 Video Conferencing Details

Clearone Live900 Video Conferencing System DubaiTechnology is what drives business in this new era, and also a great way to attain customer satisfaction. To remain relevant in your field of business, you need to embrace technology as it gives you an edge over your competitors. To achieve a balanced and efficient work environment, that allows for productivity increase through teamwork and socialization, business owners need to embrace technology and innovation.  In this generation we live in, a business that doesn’t align itself with the latest technology might end up losing value and worth.

For businesses and establishments that have subsidiaries spread across the world, the easiest and smartest way for business owners, investors, and shareholders to monitor, supervise and maintain order is through technology; decision-making process is made more accessible, timely and less cumbersome.

With the announcement of the Claerone Collaborate Live 900, it’s easier for business, schools, establishments, and facilities to:

  • Attend meeting at the other side of the world without leaving the office.
  • Organize conferences where detail is vital.
  • Have a training session for all staffs without compromising on the quality of information.

Collaborate Live 900 is an advanced technology all businesses must acquire to run a smooth, efficient, and productive activity.

Clearone Collaborate Live 900 Video Conferencing is designed for larger rooms and is an excellent initiative for bigger meeting rooms, lecture halls, training rooms, conference rooms, courtrooms, and telemedicine facilities. Because of its vast capacity, it has better flexibility in sound, video content, and content sharing. It’s a piece of equipment built for a professional quality business solution.

Bigger meeting rooms require solutions that will best fit the space without having to compromise or sacrifice the quality of performance level. Collaborate Live 900 has a 1080p60 camera which improves the clarity and actuality of business content shared among users. It’s 12x optical zoom makes image projection vivid and comprehensive. Collaborate Live 900 allows up to six users share their laptop screen simultaneously on the big display in the room while collaborating wirelessly. It also provides for the development of different content, ideas, and contribution through its interactive whiteboarding using the footnote tools and touch room display.

The collaborate Live 900 boast of a built-in-video conferencing capability that includes Skype for Business Client with an interface that is user-friendly, intuitive, familiar and easy to use as your regular phones and tablet devices. It makes connecting with people all around the world easier and professional. The business skype interface allows for screen sharing, dual display, and contact lists to keep teams together.

Clearone Live900 Video Conferencing System UaeClearone Collaborate Live 900 has a state-of-the-art audio and video technology which improves and increase the level of performance collaboration and the quality of its delivery. It’s a device created to suit specific purpose and demands faced by the business world of today and into the next generation. Because of its One UNITE 200 PTZ camera with 1080p60, and it’s 12x optical zoom, it’s entirely impossible not to capture all participant present in the room.

The SIP/H.323 video conferencing eliminates the challenges posed by poor video collaboration making sure everyone in the room can see and be recognized regardless of where they are seated and irrespective of the room size. Collaborate Live 900 has a dual display with a full HD video conferencing that ensures video quality is king.

The Collaboration Live 900 comes with recording and live streaming that captures and records meetings on demand and allows users to live stream over any standard IP network.

Clearone Collaboration Live 900 boast of a powerful combination of video mechanisms combined with the most advanced audio DSP technology that guarantees the best collaboration experience. The device includes a CONVERGE Pro 2 DSP mixer, which is the best and latest model of the sound processor. ClearOne’s Beamforming Microphone Array 2 features adaptive steering technology that provides the unmatched audio pick-up to cover a large room.

Another perk to purchasing the collaboration Live 900 is its complimentary 90-day trial of the ClearOne collaborate space, access to powerful cloud-based audio for clarity and suppression of background noise and also, quality video conferencing application.

Benefits Of Using Collaborate Live 900

  • Quality: Collaborate Live 900 is a video that promises a high-class performance to promote team-work and produce exceptional service delivery for rooms that are big or areas with a large workspace where additional technical skill is required.
  • Friendly Interface: Collaborate Live 900 integrates with Skype for a business that allows for screen sharing among users, dual display, and contact lists to keep teams connected.
  • Customization: The Collaborate Live 900 designed in a flexible manner that will enable users to efficiently administer cloud collaboration platforms to match their scope of work or need at any particular time.
  • Better Performance: In place of designs that are not appropriate for more substantial space, Collaborate Live 900 has a camera lens with a high-performance level guaranteed to produce better results in larger rooms, thereby, ensuring the best performance from your meetings.
  • Better Experience: With the Collaborate Live 900 interactive whiteboarding, participant enjoys better experience via sharing of ideas and concept, giving everyone in the room an opportunity to contribute all through the conversation.
  • Excellent Sound Quality: Because Collaborate Live 900 uses the industry’s most advanced audio processor and ClearOne microphone; users enjoy a better audio experience that is echo-free and sound vibration free.
  • Wireless Presentation: The Collaborate Live 900 allows up to six users share their laptop screen in full HD video conferencing – which is displayed on the room’s big screen simultaneously with a wireless collaboration.
  • Recording & Live Streaming: Participants can record and capture a meeting session for future access and use or have a live streaming session over any standard IP network.

Environments Suitable For The Use Of Collaborate Live 900

Collaborate Live 900 design is ideal for the following places:

  • Boardrooms
  • Lecture Halls
  • Training center
  • Conference rooms or halls
  • Courtrooms
  • Telemedicine facilities

Essential Features Of Collaborate Live 900

  • Video conferencing
  • Audio conferencing
  • Wireless presentation
  • Whiteboard interface
  • Recording and streaming
  • Cloud video collaboration

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