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Clearone Collaborate Live 200

The ‘Collaborate Live 200’ from Clearone is a video collaborative tool that is designed to help you organize your meetings in even the most constrained of spaces, like in the most remote corners of your office building, with the charisma and authenticity of a large presentation room.



Clearone Collaborate Live 200 in Detail

Clearone Collaborate Live200 Dubai UaeThe internet has become quite cheap over the years. This has obviously led to more data being consumed every day. We are now dependant on the internet for the simplest of things like groceries. Even whole courses are taught online these days, making the concept of a physical education establishment redundant.

Obviously, these courses are undertaken because large volumes of data are transferred over the internet fairly quickly. Gone are the days when video buffering was the norm and you could hardly watch a video whenever you felt like it.

Not only video streaming, but video conferencing is also on the rise too. People nowadays can have entire meetings in their own homes, just as long as they have a stable internet connection. However, sometimes, only having a stable internet connection does not help you in arranging successful conference calls. In order to have a business meeting properly, you’ll need the perfect tools. Clearone Have the perfect tools you required for Your Business Video Conferencing.

The Clae ‘Collaborate Live 200’ from Clearone is a video collaborative tool that is designed to help you organize your meetings in even the most constrained of spaces, like in the most remote corners of your office building, with the charisma and authenticity of a large presentation room.

Even if you have many members in your meeting, you needn’t worry; its ultra wide-angle video capture will ensure that all the participants can take equal part in the meeting, even if the room is too small to focus on even one person.

The device is perfect for small spaces with its ‘Unite 50 EPTZ’ camera that is capable of shooting 1080p videos with 30fps. It also has 3X digital zoom which helps you to notice even the tiniest of details from a distance of around 1000 miles.  It also has a 120-degree angle of view to really take care of those tight corners.

What’s really great is that the user interface is very simple. It is intuitive and is somewhat similar to the interface we have in our smartphones and tablets nowadays. You do not ever need to worry about the complexity of the device, which is a positive thing, considering that meetings are stressful, and you would like to minimize the impact of other challenges.

As you know, connectivity makes a device more accessible and desirable to the people and this device has been built to do just that. It has a USB input for audio and video channels, an HDMI port and a display port for video output.

As mentioned before, the device is equipped with a camera that can shoot 1080p videos at 30fps, and it also supports various formats such as ‘H.261’, ‘H.263’, ‘H.263+/++’, ‘H.264’ etc. The device supports full auto-focus and has been built in a way that it reduces any distortions that may occur due to mishandling the device or any sudden accidental jerks.

There are also specialized 2D and 3D algorithms that come in handy in low light conditions. There may be situations when the illumination in your room may not be sufficient for all members to receive equal lighting.

Clearone Live200 Video Conferencing DubaiThis is quite unfortunate and it becomes difficult for the members to concentrate on the meeting fully when not everyone is within proper focus. The algorithms take care of this problem and make sure that everybody is properly visible. Thus, it helps everyone stay equally invested in the meeting.

The Clearone Live 200 Video Conferencing System also comes equipped with a well-built speakerphone that comes with a wide variety of features. It makes total sense to invest in the right set of speakers since audio remains the most important part of any conversation. Without the right audio, you cannot hold important meetings yourself and you would be at the risk of missing out on important things that may be discussed in any business meeting.

That is why, the ‘Chat 150C’ speakerphone that is onboard this device come with ‘HD Conference’ audio processing, specially designed to deliver crystal clear audio during conference calls. There is also a feature known as ‘Distinctive Echo Cancellation,’ which, as its name suggests, is designed to cancel out echos that disrupt the audio quality, which can be quite annoying during an important meeting.

The speakers also come with adaptive modeling with acoustic intelligence that suits your needs and makes the whole experience enjoyable and convenient for you. There are also 3 built-in microphones that are designed to pick up sound from all around the room and are built for 360-degree connectivity.

No matter the shape and size of your room, they will pick up audio from each and every corner with equal efficiency. You could daisy chain another ‘Chat 150’ with it too. The loudspeakers give a satisfactory output with a capacity of around 85 decibels to really deliver on the promise of giving crystal clear audio output.

The device comes with a complimentary trial period of 90 days of the ‘Collaborate Space’, a powerful cloud-based audio and video conferencing application. Once you become acquainted with this application, you can judge for yourself whether the application is useful or not. You may decide to buy the application if you feel it suits you.

All in all, the Collaborate 200 is an excellent tool to hold meetings and conferences, with you having complete control over the whole endeavor. Technology is rising fast with new devices, and products are emerging that are completely change our understanding of the world. The quicker we can acquaint ourselves with the fast pace of the modern world, the quicker we would be able to rise up and prove our worth to the world, so hurry up and grab your Claearone Collaborative Live 200 now.

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