Cisco Firepower1010 Dubai


Cisco Firepower1010 Dubai

Cisco Firepower1010 Dubai provides switchports and Power-of-Ethernet (PoE) in a fanless desktop form factor. Perfect for connecting an IP phone or printer.


Cisco Firepower1010 Firewall Dubai

The Cisco Secure Firewall with the Firepower 1010 appliance and FTD software provides robust, proven Layer 3 and 4 security control as well as Layer 7 application visibility and control and is ready for advanced threat defense (separately licensed). Ideal for small and branch offices, Cisco Firepower1010 Dubai includes support for advanced remote access VPN termination, plus BGP and OSPF routing functions.

Simplify your security. With Cisco Firepower1010 Dubai firewalls and Cisco Defense Orchestrator, you get class-leading security while spending less time on firewall administration. Defense Orchestrator upgrades firewalls with one touch, automatically de-conflicts overlapping security policies, and even centralizes management of your AWS VPC image security rules. Best of all, it manages firewalls with both Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) and Firepower NGFW software.


Simpler management

Simpler means faster configuration, less costly management, and more time to focus on driving your business. Select the management option that fits your environment and the way you work. Choose between cloud-based Defense Orchestrator, centralized on-premise, or on-box management.

Core to the value of our open security platform

As you grow, our open platform approach protects your security investment. Our open platform enables time-saving policy harmonization and threat correlation across network, cloud, endpoints, email, web, and more.

High-performance threat defense 

Enhance your business resiliency with superior threat defense. The Cisco Firepower1010 Dubai protects against malware, with automatic daily security updates from Cisco Talos. With its unique architecture, the Firepower 1000 Series maintains throughput in real-world conditions, even when next-generation IPS threat inspection is activated.

Quiet operation, with switchports and PoE

Cisco Firepower1010 Dubai provides switch ports and Power-of-Ethernet (PoE) in a fanless desktop form factor. Perfect for connecting an IP phone or printer.

Technical Specs