Yeastar VoIP Gateway

yeastar voip gateway kigaliWhat is the Yeastar VoIP Gateway?

Yeastar is your leader in VoIP and telephone system technologies that incorporate the latest design features and adaptability for business. With changes in communication and the need for dependable but economical systems, the Yeastar S-series has provided exceptional solutions for the small to medium business. The introduction of the Yeastar VoIP Gateway aims to decrease operational expenses and provide streamlined solutions for the enterprise by combining its PRI, FXO, FXS, GSM, IP and WCDMA networking. The purpose is to create a convenient and efficient solution for businesses. Yeastar has aimed at providing the functionalities and features of the traditional telephone system in combination with its VoIP phone systems.

The Benefits of Yeastar VoIP Gateway Solutions

Yeastar has worked to integrate its platforms with the conventional PBX software with the purpose of creating additional and extended trunkings.

The purpose of the Yeastar gateways is to create telephonic connections, mobile connections, ISDN, PSTN, and analog compatibility with mainstream software for telephonic operations including Asterisk, Elastix, and the 3CX system for Windows among others. Businesses are encouraged to install Yeastar VoIP gateways to maintain their use of analog phones with a multitude of service benefits.

Incorporating the flexible technology and software solutions by Yeastar creates a broader selection of gateways in line with VoIP. This includes an expansion of trunking options including 5 to 16 ports with an FXO gateway.

Supports Convenient Configuration

By incorporating the Yeastar VoIP gateways with PBX software makes it easier to operate systems with convenient features and functionality. To achieve successful configuration requires the use of a conventional SIP protocol. Simple guidelines on how to achieve this integration are provided by your professional service provider.

Why Choose Yeastar VoIP Gateways?

The introduction of the Yeastar technology has taken over the regular practice and the efficacy of business. It provides integrated solutions to deliver enterprises with convenient and cost-effective options in operation and the management of its telephonic systems.

The VoIP Gateway is another successful technology provided by Yeastar It is reliable and economical allowing the business to connect the analog phone to its VoIP services. This means that all enterprises can benefit from VoIP regardless of its size or the cost. Utilizing modern software eliminates the need for the costly and inconvenient overhaul of telephonic systems.

Yeastar with its release of the TA series makes it possible to connect the analog phone line to VoIP. The TA FXO VoIP gateway allows the connection of 4 to 16 ports or the use of PABX interfaces to integrate VoIP.

The result of such integrated and streamlined technology is to provide higher call quality, improved office call responses and deliver a seamless voice call service.

Such an innovative design and program solutions are developed to significantly decrease call costs. It provides professional support for the communication needs of the modern enterprise. High standards of performance are guaranteed with these exceptional IP services and systems. Making a move towards the digital realm of voice calling offers businesses long term savings, expansion opportunities, and dependability.

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