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The Dect Phones and wireless phone free your office space and employees with mobility. The Dect Wireless phones give the advantage of moving around and still connected to office telephone network while you are roaming around the manufacturing floor,  conference room, Ware House, storage or across a large campus. You will never miss an important call even you are not on the desk.

The Cordless wireless DECT phones are having many benefits compared to the wired office when it comes to business. Wireless phones give flexibility in the communication process. It can enhance your collaboration depend on the type of organization. Previously DECT phones or wireless phones less attractive because of its lack of features and limited functionality.  The Modern Dect phones from Grandstream, Gigaset, Panasonic, and Avaya overcome these challenges. Many features are available in office phones available in office DECT phones. Such as conference calls, Large Phone Book, Caller ID, Call Mangement, Call Transfer and Call Hold.

wireless phones dubai

We offer IP Dect phones work under Dect frequency as well as wireless phones work under standard office wifi network. Both can provide excellent sound quality and excellent communication parameters. One of the key points in DECT phone is the capability to expand. As your employee’s increases, you may want to increase the number of phones as well as its coverage. Our direct phone solutions allow your business to expand seamlessly as well as increase the coverage. We also carry DECT phone solutions for a huge campus which required substantial decent network coverage and seamless handover. The Hanover enable the user to roam around freely without worrying about which base station they are connected to.  These DECT phone solution can hand over the calls to the next available base station without interrupting the call.

We carry DECT phone Solution from several reputed Brands. We offer Gigaset Dect Phones, RTX Dect Phones, Grandstream Dect phones, and Yealink Dect Phones. We offer products IP Telephone Systems as well as standard analog telephone System. Our IP Dect phones are SIP Protocol supported, which enable it to use with most of the modern office communication systems.

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