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PBX system that connects telephone extensions to the Public Switched Telephone Network or Telephone line providers and allows internal communication for business. An IP PBX work with network connectivity and provide communication by utilizing the TCP/IP network protocol stack. In business phone system, a PBX acts as the central switching system for phone calls within a business. The use of PBX is to provide shared access to limited resources. Such as a business having 2,5,10 or more lines from the service provider and the number of users in that organization is greater than the number of lines. In that case, a PBX [ IP PBX / PABX SYSTEM / TELEPHONE SYSTEMS] share the line to all the users. Instead of providing a separate line for all the users it will allow the users to share a small pool of lines.

When it comes to a PBX / PABX System, there are several advantages businesses can benefit. IVR, Voice Mail, Call Recording, Voice Mail to Email, Mobility Users, Call Queue, Conference call bridge, Telephone CRM Integration and Remote office connectivity are some of it. With IVR and call queue you can handle more calls with minimum staff on board. With Voicemail, Voicemail to email and Mobility options your customers never miss you even you are not on the desk. Most of the advanced telephone systems support Conference call bridge, Telephone CRM Integration, and Remote office connectivity. These features in Office Telephone Systems provides higher business productivity.

PABX System Dubai – IP PBX UAE

Vector Dubai [VDS] Offer turnkey telephone system, PABX System, PBX Systems & IP PBX Systems from reputed Vendors. An excellent communication platform can be the backbone of your company. The right system ensures that all incoming and outgoing calls reach the right person. It also keeps its cool during busy times, grows with your business and provides technical features that enhance your phone system.

We deal with Avaya, NEC, Grandstream, Sangoma, Dlink, Snom, Yeastar PBX, Panasonic, Samsung, Digium, Snom, Fanvil, Cisco, Polycom, RTX, Htek, Yealink, Asterisk & Lg Ericsson. Our solutions include Unified Communication features like Voice Mail, Voice Mail to email, Instant Messaging, Fax handling capabilities, Mobility & Video call support. Selecting an expert company in Dubai to install IP PBX systems is critical. We are a specialist in Dubai. We offer our services almost every big city in the UAE. Our Sales, Support, and PBX Installation Service cover Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Alain, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, and Fujairah. So, do not waste your time hiring an unprofessional firm for your Telephone Installation. Call us today to get free consultation and quote.

When it comes to VoIP Phone Systems, If the Business is Large or small, including SOHO, IP Telephone System can improve the business communications. In VoIP Phone System it’s not about the convenience provided by using your Local Area Network [LAN]. It is about the business-friendly features VoIP Phone System can offer. With flexibility built in, this is the essential core to any advanced VoIP PBX setup.

What Is An IP PBX?

IP PBX System uses the Data Network for sending and receiving Voice Packets.IP-PBX combines all office phones into one intelligent network, in which various voice services implemented. Moreover, an IP PBX System utilizes the existing data network infrastructure and reducing managing headaches and cost. IP Telephone System allows you to combine several geographically distributed offices into a single telephony system, to provide free telecommunications for home and mobile workers.

The selection of the right communication system makes all the difference. With our extensive product portfolio of telephone systems and office phones, you can achieve the productivity and collaboration which innovate your organization and unlock the full potential. We deployed more than 1000 small to big telephony projects across UAE, the Middle East, and Africa region. We keep innovating the best communication tools for your business and team. We understand each business communication needs are different. Our Team of experts is here to listen to your needs and suggest the best product and solution for your telephone system. Your unique business needs are our specialty. We successfully finish business communication projects in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kenya Bahrain, Iraq, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, Ethiopia, Algeria, Uganda, Sudan, Gabon, Seychelles, Chad, Djibouti, Congo, and Zambia.

Avaya Telephone System Dubai


The Avaya IP 500 telephone system is the base unit of the Avaya IP Office family, and it is the most popular Avaya system. It is a phone system specifically designed for small business. The beauty of the Avaya IP500 is that when the business is small, the IP 500 is a very affordable small office telephone system, but when the business grows, additional licenses can be purchased to enable more features. It makes the IP500 cost lower than other Office Phone Systems. It is a future-proof investment for your business communication.

Cisco Pbx System Dubai

Cisco Phone System

Take full advantage of converged voice and data networks while retaining the convenience and user-friendliness you expect from a business phone. Cisco Unified IP Phones can help improve productivity by meeting the needs of users throughout your organization. Advanced media endpoints in this innovative suite of Cisco Unified IP Phones enhance the end-user experience. Better manage calls and messages. Communicate faster and better. VDS Dubai can help you bring it all together.

Yeastar Pabx Pbx Dubai

Yeastar IP PBX Telephone System

Yeastar MyPBX is a powerful  IP PBX telephone system for small and medium-sized enterprises. Yeastar My PBX support gsm lines analog public and internal connections, and ISDN BRI or PRI connections. It is an Asterisk IP PBX   telephone system for small and medium-sized enterprises, institutions, etc. Choose Cisco IP phones, Polycom IP phones and Yealink IP phones with MyPBX. It is a feature-rich IP telephony solution with a license-free unified communication system.

Panasonic Pabx System Uae

Panasonic PABX System

Panasonic has a large market share in the business telephone system market for one reason. It is because from the small to large systems they maintain an easy to use, a flexible and innovative design that is able to deliver both simple and complex solutions with ease. We try to help our customers bring these solutions into their business so that they can start to benefit from the features of a modern PBX system. By offering the full range of we can find the right solution for you and offer it at competitive prices.

Dlink Ippbx Uae


Now there are more flexible, expandable and reliable ways than ever to deploy your SIP-based IP telephony solutions in Dubai. Dlink Introducing new SIP Telephone systems for SMB and Enterprise. It’s the perfect business communication tool for your business or home office. Couple this with a Business Application environment, and you have a system ready to take your business communication needs into the 21st Century, at your own pace. Dlink IP PBX SYSTEM designed to match your business needs.

Grandstream Dubai 2

Grandstream PBX

Grandstream is Powered by an advanced hardware platform with robust system resources and features Grandstream PBX offers a highly versatile, turnkey solution for converged voice, video, data, and mobility applications, including fax and video surveillance. Grandstream IP PBX is a full-featured, easy-to-manage IP PBX Appliance designed to bring enterprise-grade features to small-and-medium-sized businesses without the need for licensing fees, costs per feature, or any recurring costs.

Nec Pabx System Dubai


As one of the world’s greatest telecommunication companies, NEC’ s portfolio of systems delivers the best technology can offer. NEC offers a broad range of phones and applications that help businesses benefit from the greater productivity today’s phones provide. The UNIVERGE family of desktop phones, in-building wireless systems, and softphones support worker quickly and reliably access tools, information and individuals anywhere and at any time. The many customizable options and advanced features available on NEC PABX System & phones,  provide businesses, even more, flexibility in how they communicate.NEC Build the reputation in communication products from a long time. You will never regret your investment in NEC PBX Systems.

Sip Ip Phones Dubai

SIP IP Phones

SIP phone looks and behaves just like a regular phone. However, it is connected directly to the data network, rather than your standard PSTN line(s). Using an IP PBX phone system that supports SIP protocol will allow you to use the SIP  phones.

We deal with Well known manufacturers of IP phones, that is  Polycom, Snom, Cisco, Dlink, Mocet, Fanvil, RTX, Grandstream Gigaset, Tiptel, Yealink  Alcatel and Widely used softphone  Bria.VDS makes selecting the right VoIP phone EASY. Choose from different desktop VoIP phones, Dect phones & conference phones from TOP manufacturers in the VoIP industry.

Telephone Systems – For Business, Home and Education

VDS Technology offers Telephone Communication systems for different verticals in an effective but cost-effective way. Our Telecom Solutions are perfectly suited for Office telephone System, School Telephone Systems, Hotel Telephone Systems, and Home Telephone Systems. Whether you want an advanced IP Telephone System or Wireless Telephone System we have the solutions for you. Compared to business communications it is highly important for individual homes to have access to the best in mobile and telephone communication. We have seen the need for this and have decided to step in. We provide and install the best in home telephone systems.

Our office telephone systems are of a wide variety of sizes and extensions, as they vary depending on a few factors such as the number of users, whether it is wired or wireless telephone system, and your preferences. For offices that are actively looking for the most suitable, cost-effective and effective phone system in the market we variety of products to choose from. We are dedicated to providing the ideal telephone systems and other related solutions and services for businesses of all size. Our office telephone systems and services are of the very highest quality and while we tirelessly work with you in order to keep costs down and get the highest value for your money. We will also provide adequate support and technical assistance for you regarding installation and maximal usage of the telephone system.

With our strong partnerships and relationships with technology giants in the business, we are guaranteed to be able to beat down prices to the barest minimum and still get you the best in office telephone systems and office phones. We are a full telecommunications service provider and are experienced in setting up phone systems and providing PABX installation and other related services. Let us help you pick the right phone systems for you.


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Telephony TrendTrends

The Enterprise IP PBX market is rapidly changing to keep pace with the rapid technological and business process changes going on in the typical enterprise. Does your organization now need IM embedded in its communications infrastructure, seamless wireless connectivity, integration with business applications, voicemail to email, or any of a dozen other new technologies? How do you tell which are the analytical techniques and solutions and find out which solutions offer the right blend of features, services, SLAs and price to meet your organizational needs?



What is PBX?

PBX stands for “Private Branch Exchange.” A PBX phone system provides dial Voip Pbxtone to multiple Telephones in your office using a fewer number of phone service lines. It is a “one-to-many” model, as opposed to having an individual service line, “one-to-one,” for every phone. It works on the assumption that in any office there is only a percentage of phones used at any one time. Everyone shares service lines, and there are fewer service lines than phone handsets. Your advantage is simple, going with a PBX telephone system requires fewer phone service lines (channels, bandwidth) and that saves you money. The PBX phone system manages the whole process. A small business PBX phone system can effectively manage and handle all your calls at a much lower price.



PBX Phone Systems vs. VoIP Phone Systems

TelePBX phone systems are slowly losing market share to VoIP phone systems. VoIP phone systems allow you to connect to multiple network applications. VoIP phone systems allow you to integrate computers and mobile devices with your phone system. However, a PBX phone system is a great bargain and a reliable telephone system solution for your business.VDS Can help you choose the right solution for your business. Whether its a Small business or Large Organisation office telephone system we have got you covered. With the broadest product range in the UAE market, we can help you get your desired business communications.





PBX Phone System Prices and Our Offer

Many variables will affect your PBX phone system cost. TheOffer quality and number of handsets you need, calling patterns, and of course phone system features.  Whether you’re buying a new PBX phone system, need a PBX phone system upgrade, service for an existing PBX phone system or adding a new voice communication line, our experienced PBX phone system support team are ready to provide you free PBX phone system information and free PBX phone system price quotes.

Briefly, describe your PBX telephone system need, and we will quickly match you with multiple options and comparisons. We can get your job done!

Finding the cost of a new PBX telephone system, requiring your PBX phone system project, has never been easier! VDS Help you choose the right solution for your business. Our friendly and highly skilled support and installation team make sure you are getting the answer you expected. .VDS based in Dubai, UAE  highly qualified in basic to advance telephony solutions. We provide phone system supply and installation in Dubai, Abudhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah & Al Ain.