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VDS the Grandstream distributor in  Dubai continues to bring innovative Grandstream Products to the IP communications / Telephony market with compelling values and features. Grandstream Networks is headquartered in Brookline, Massachusetts with offices in Dallas, Los Angeles . As a leading Grandstream  Distributor in UAE, we carry all the products from Grandstream in Our Inventory. Grandstream  has long been a price/performance leader. It should prove interesting to SOHO users on a budget.

For decades, only the largest companies & business could afford the features and functionality provided by expensive Telephony PBX systems.  Today, technology has evolved to make it possible for smaller businesses to gain the competitive advantages of a sophisticated business communications solution without the huge expense.  Grandstream PBX in Dubai is an excellent choice for companies that want the results & stability without the hassle.

The best decision for your business is to choose Grandstream PBX with your choice of Grandstream phone models. Contact us Grandstream PBX Dubai and Grandstream Telephone System installation anywhere in UAE. As a Grandstream distributor in Dubai & Grandstream supplier in Dubai, we can offer best prices available in UAE. Designed specifically for small and midsize businesses, Grandstream Telephone System delivers the collaboration tools you need, from basic telephony to the most sophisticated unified communications, including powerful video conferencing. A Grandstream phone system helps you create most productive mobile and remote workforce easily and cost-effectively increase capacity and capabilities, as your business grows. Grandstream communication products are the best tool to gain business and customer service efficiency.


Grandstream PBX features

Call Recording

Call RecordCall recording is a useful feature in Grandstream Dubai which enables a user  to record a conversation using their phone. Additionally Call recording can be set to always record, never record, or record strictly based on the rules. Call recording can be useful for training and/or quality assurance for banks & sales team.


IvrAn Interactive Voice Response(IVR)/Auto-attendant feature in Grandstream Dubai  is one of the most desirable features for a business PBX. An IVR plays an automated message to all incoming callers. This message plays to the caller, specifies the options which are available to them, and subsequently prompts them to make their selection based on the nature of the call.

Conference Rooms

Conference CallThe conference room feature of your Grandstream IP PBX works to create a meeting room for users (both internally and externally) . Users can call in and talk to one another. Conference rooms can be moderated by an admin user, and as well it can be password protected to prevent unwanted callers from accessing it. The conference room can be accessed by users internally by dialling the conference room access number.


Voice MailVoicemail is one of the most known and used feature of a Telephone system. Grandstream Voicemail allows callers to leave a voice message in the absence of the user which can be played back at a later .When a call reaches a users voicemail, the caller is prompted to leave a message after a pre-recorded (or automated) message.

Caller ID

Caller Id1Caller ID is a standard Grandstream PBX feature which enables incoming calls to be identified by calling number. In a caller ID enabled system  incoming caller’s ID is displayed on the users phone screen.


Call Forwarding

Call ForwardThis Grandstream PBX Dubai feature allows calls to a particular extension to be forwarded to another extension or another number. Once call forwarding is activated, all calls to that user redirected to the assigned destination immediately. Calls can be forwarded to another extension, phone number (such as a Mobile phone), an IVR, and more.

Call Transfer

Call TransferThis Grandstream Telephone  feature allows users to transfer calls from their phone to another phone.Example : Receptionist transfer the calls to colleagues. Calls can be transferred to another user, voicemail, an external number, and external destinations.

Call Parking

Call ParkCall parking function enables a call to be placed in a call parking lot with an assigned number. This parked call can be retrieved up by any user with any phone. The caller who is placed in the call parking lot will have on-hold music played to them while they are awaiting for a pick-up.

Call Reporting

Call ReportGrandstream PBX gives you the ability to view all phone calls in web browser.PBX allows you to filter by date, extension, user, duration, and more. Totals are calculated based on the filter settings.This is useful for businesses who need to keep tabs on phone calls and certain individuals/extensions who cannot be directly observed or monitored constantly.

Voicemail to Email

Voice Mail EmailThe voicemail to email Grandstream IP PBX feature  sends a copy of a user’s voicemail message to their specified email address. This feature allows users to listen to their voicemail messages via email or smart-phone device without having to physically use their desk-phone while they are away.

Music On Hold

Music On Hold1Music on hold in Grandstream Dubai Telephone System is a feature which plays music to callers when they are  placed on hold or are currently in a call queue. You can play Music or Company advertisement as music on hold.

Office Hours

Office Hours Uae DubaiOffice Hours feature in Grandstream PBX makes it possible to route a call based on the time, day of the week, or month. This feature is help full for diverting calls to a separate after office hour message or different destination after business hours, during weekends, holidays, etc.

Ring Groups

Ring GroupGrandstream PBX is capable of grouping together many extensions into a single  extension number. If there are sales agents with extensions 120, 121, 122, and 123, then it is possible to assign a ‘Sales’ ring group and the incoming call will ring all of the phones simultaneously.

Do Not Disturb

DndThe do not disturb feature in Grandstream Dubai allows users to set a condition on their handset phones which would automatically reject a call.  This feature is useful when a user is occupied with an important task and cannot afford to take a call (e.g. important meeting, important task, eating lunch, etc…).

Why Should I Choose Grandstream?

Grandstream Dubai is an affordable and customizable head office and branch solution. The Grandstream telephone systems are scalable and can be deployed with ease.  The configuration is also quite simple for all those who have the basic knowledge about telephone system infrastructure.

You have to try Grandstream Telephone System. Grandstream Dubai is a complete solution that can meet the requirements of small and medium-sized businesses. It is possible to scale Grandstream Telephone system from three to about two thousand extensions for suiting your office needs. Grandstream PBX is expandable and modular and is flexible as per your business needs.

The Grandstream IP PBX System Dubai merges the PBX functions and the reliability of IP technology. Thus, you can get a quality business communication system that provides superb telephone messaging solution, IP Networking capability, Wireless Mobility, Voice-Over-IP and integration with the PC.

The Grandstream Telephone systems Dubai facilitate you to work more effectively and productively. These secure and safe telecom systems provide effective call management, facilitate great featured handsets, and call center solutions.

Do not delay the success of your business venture and deploy Grandstream’s effective communication systems today and you would see success coming your way in no time.


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