Keep your business safe and secure with the new switches from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprises. The Alcatel Switch in Dubai are designed to comply with your specific needs. The new features such as Power over Ethernet have resulted in faster speeds, better connectivity and helps you to keep your office, data centers and campus network thoroughly connected.

There is a different variant of the switches to help you choose your desired switch as per your requirements.

When looking for Chassis switches, you can look at the Omniswitch 9900 Modular LAN Chassis. It is a high density, multi-terabit modular system that offers high availability, good redundancy, linear scaling, and resilient performance.

It has a fabric architecture that allows it to automate and manage the end to end deployment of campus, data center, and cloud-based services and helps you control your virtual network with complete authority.

ALACATEL SWITCH DISTRIBUTOR DUBAIWhen looking for fixed switches, you have many options.

There is the Omniswitch 6350 that excels in delivering bandwidth-intensive applications with network capabilities such as high-quality service and advanced security. It helps you deploy a secure and converging network that is easily scalable. It also supports real-time voice applications making it convenient for day to day use. It also delivers high-quality data and video performance to help you accomplish your tasks with ease.

The Omniswitch 6450 is designed to be flexible in its operations and consumes very less power. The stackable Gigabit and Ethernet LAN switches provide edge solutions powering networks for campuses and Service providers. It is designed to be scalable very easily without the need for additional hardware support.

It also has enhanced Voice Over IP services, and it uses the latest VLAN and SDN technologies and secures your network at the edge at low cost without the need to buy expensive hardware.

The Omniswitch 6560 is one of the best campus access solutions for networks of corporates and enterprises. The Alcatel Lucent Omniswitch 6560 Multi-Gigabit Ethernet LAN value switch family has ports for high speed 802.11 ac devices, 10 GigE uplinks, and 20 GigE stacking.

The 6560 offers the highly acclaimed and proven Alcatel-Lucent Operating system. It also helps in delivering available, easily manageable safe and secure networks which are also self-protective and eco-friendly in addition to the above features. It helps to connect the edges of mid to small-sized networks.

You can also quickly bring Branch offices and numerous campuses on to the same network, and the whole operation is quite affordable too. The entire device is future proof with Gigabit speed and Power over Ethernet support.

The Omniswitch 6860 Stackable LAN switch has a high-density Gigabit Ethernet(GigE) and 10 GigE platforms designed to take on even the most demanding converged networks. You can experience a fluid application fluent network, and you can also monitor and control all the applications that have been running in your network with the hardware-assisted deep packet inspection capabilities. The deep packet inspection capabilities are one of the leading technologies today, and it helps the device to stay ahead of its competition.

The 6860 also offers comprehensive and robust security features that handle the network edge with the utmost ease. It enables reliability and high performance over corporate and enterprise networks and also helps you deploy the secure ‘BYOD’ services while operating on the network.

It is also enabled with smart analytics that helps you analyze your network equipped with hardware-accelerated application monitoring and fingerprinting services. Quite convenient and useful when you want full control over your network.

alcatel switch suppliers in dubaiThe Omniswitch 6900 Stackable LAN switch can take on the most challenging and demanding software operations that you can throw at it. It has extremely low latency and delivers high-quality performance. It helps you to keep your footprint small with its modular and stackable design and helps you to run various switches as one unit.

There are secure, flexible and have a compact design with high density 10 GigE and 40 GigE platforms that meet the needs of the busiest data centers and campus networks. It can also help you converge physical and virtualized data center operations and also helps you get the most of the allocated space.

When looking for hardened switches go for the Omniswitch 6465 or the Omniswitch 6865.

The 6465 is a shock and wear-resistant, easily manageable Gigabit Ethernet switch and is usually preferred in industrial operations. They can be deployed in a wide range of industrial applications such as Intelligent transportation, railway, and substations.

The 6465 comes with High Power over Ethernet facilities(HPoE or 60W PoE) that help in connecting the pan tilt zoom cameras on toll booths or any other outdoor wireless access points or integrated displays. They also come installed with the Auto fabric technology which has won many accolades for the Alcatel-Lucent enterprises.

These are highly versatile and can be deployed for transportation and traffic control systems, surveillance and outdoor establishments.

Similar to the 6465 the Omniswitch 6865 is also robust in design and made for work in mission-critical applications in extreme weather and harsh conditions.

It meets the stringent EMI/EMC requirements and can be stacked to form a virtual chassis. It is deployable in transportation and traffic control systems, video surveillance and other installations.

It has SPB-M support, and it provides fast, scalable and cost-efficient services coupled with HPoE to give juice to card readers, wireless access points, digital signages, and sensors. It ensures your complete all-around safety and well being while maintaining efficient connectivity.

When you are looking for smart web solutions, look no further than the OmniSwitch 2220 web smart switches. They provide high quality and reliable business-class network performance and security without the need to pay for further management solutions. They are capable of providing wired connectivity with high-quality service and also offer high-speed desktop connectivity. They offer unified communication connectivity with features such as IP telephoning services, video and converged solutions.

These were the various switches designed by Alcatel-Lucent for Enterprises. You can always go through your requirements properly and select the one that best suits you and your operations correctly. Being a Leading Alcatel Switch Supplier in Dubai, UAE we make sure Alcatel Switch Products best price offers to our resellers and clients. We supply Alcatel Switches to all parts of UAE including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, and Al Ain. Buying Alcatel Switches from us in UAE giving you an additional advantage on outstanding technical support.

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